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Olympia Solutions
Recruiting Senior Leaders


We know that finding the right talent is crucial for your company’s growth.


We have redefined how to attract top talent.  And our unique approach works.  Our model has driven 100% placement results for 7+ years running.


Previously, our search model followed industry “best practices”; such as targeting market segments, building a vast candidate network, and employing a highly professional messaging and outreach strategy.

Challenges:  Despite early successes, we faced many pitfalls that are still commonplace in the search arena: failed searches, limited candidate pipelines, and unpredictable candidate close processes.

Committed to improvement, we identified critical flaws in conventional wisdom:

Both contingency and fully retained financial models fall short in creating optimal business alignment with clients

Traditional “candidate networks” diminished in relevance based on tech and other factors

Client urgency for filling roles have prioritized transactions over relationships

Not enough care was being devoted to ensuring the right fit for the candidate

Overemphasis on “selling” rather than on evaluating compatibility


While we’ve made adjustments across various facets of the executive recruitment process, the primary changes contributing to our market-leading results include:

Shared Risk

Shared risk in recruiting fosters a mutually beneficial partnership, aligning the best interests of both the client and the search firm toward achieving a successful outcome.

Custom Scorecard

Developing a customized assessment scorecard in recruiting ensures a tailored evaluation process, leading to more accurate and informed decisions.

Honest Exchanges

We prioritize professionalism while valuing honesty. Being direct means addressing potential issues honestly, benefiting both the company and candidate.  We will decline a search if we believe we are unable to fill it.


Traditional job descriptions often sound generic and fail to convey the true essence of a role or company. Our investment goes beyond, focusing on understanding and articulating each story in a modern context. The candor and organization reflected in our microsites resonate with candidates, attracting more top talent compared to conventional marketing approaches.”

Candidate Experience

Dedicating ample time to connect with candidates, understanding their goals, preferences, spikes, operating style, etc. consistently results in a more informed recruitment process.

"Crack the code"

While many search firms abandon challenging searches, our commitment remains unwavering. We have never given up on any search, and remain dedicated to “cracking the code” for the desired profile.


•  In business for nearly 20 years

•  Chicago-based

•  Early search focus on Strategy/Ops & Technology

•  We’ve successfully completed every search since 2016

•  Search model refined to achieve success across:





Our Mission

We achieve success through directly aligning the career goals of extraordinary talent with the growth-oriented goals of our clients.

Our Values


We seek partnerships with clients and candidates who prioritize respect.


The end goal is to provide a superior match between both sides.  We will work until we find the right fit for all.


In an industry saturated with outdated methods, we continually seek innovative ways to enhance the search experience.


Our Search Focus

Functional leadership roles that rely on leadership, change management, and area growth


Large and mid-sized corporations with strong brands


Retainer-based with structure that places more risk on Olympia than on the client

Recent Industry Placements

  • Manufacturing 100% 100%
  • Management Consulting 100% 100%
  • Financial Services 100% 100%
  • CPG/Retail/FMCG 100% 100%

Recent Functional Placements

  • COO – Strategy Consulting 100% 100%
  • Sales – Manufacturing 100% 100%
  • Supply Chain Dir – Industrial 100% 100%
  • Practice Lead – Human Capital Consulting 100% 100%


At Olympia, our success relies on strong connections with clients. If you just need to ‘fill a position,’ we might not be the best fit.

Following are where we work best with clients:

Compelling Story

We excel in partnering with companies that possess compelling stories, utilizing their distinctive narratives to attract top talent. Olympia’s objective is to adeptly capture and communicate these stories.

High Impact Role

Top-tier talent wants to drive change and success for an organization.  We want to help companies who are targeting significant and long-term growth of an area.

Business Integrity

We excel in collaboration with companies that prioritize high business integrity, placing a strong emphasis on respect and doing what’s right. Our commitment aligns with those who share a dedication to ethical practices and values.


If we have contacted you regarding a search, here is what you can expect from us:

Directness – We will provide candid feedback on your background, skills and alignment of objectives against the opportunity.

Professionalism – We will keep to any commitments we make to you. We will hold you to the highest standard of professionalism and expect you to do the same with us.


Honesty – We will tell you if you are not a fit and we will share whatever information we can regarding your candidacy. This is all in the interest of helping you.

When speaking with us, please have the following prepared:


Updated, proofread and a strong representation of your work product.


Thought-out career goals which include preferences on industry, function, location, and size of company.

Value Proposition

Clearly articulated skills and attributes that differentiate you from the competition


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Dan Gathof – Partner

Prior to starting Olympia Solutions in 2005, Dan spent most of his career working in Recruiting and HR for high-growth companies.  In recruiting, Dan is passionate about innovative approaches to improve connecting top candidates with well-run companies, and is ultimately concerned with ensuring that success is achieved for all parties.  Dan’s prior roles include:


•  SVP of HR & Recruiting at Inforte

•  Director of Recruiting at Deloitte

•  Director of HR at SHL (Europe & US)

•  Consultant at Andersen Consulting (Accenture)

If you connect with Dan, expect an authentic and lively conversation.