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Preparing for intro call with search firm
As I am starting to ramp-up my job search, I have a number of intro calls scheduled with recruiters at search firms.  Most are scheduled for 30 minutes.  What should I consider as I prepare for the calls?
In general, here are some items that you should and should not do on the introductory call.   
Do Discuss
  • Reason for change – why are you looking?  I want to learn about what is occurring in your current environment that is causing you to poke your head up. 
  • Main objective and priorities – What does your ideal role look like?  Consider location, industry, function, team size, culture, compensation, career path, etc.  A part of this discussion, I want to learn about the skills and experiences you want to build for longer term opportunities (e.g. what role do you ultimately aspire).
  • Roadblocks & look-outs – what other barriers/roadblocks/preferences exist that I should consider.  This could include the type of management team that suits you best, any personal considerations, disabilities, etc.  Essentially anything important that may come out once we start a client process. 
  • Search firm approach – feel free to ask questions about how the search process works and my particular involvement if I present an opportunity to you.
  • Provide detailed description of your roles from 10+ years ago – I can read your resume for context on your skills and your work experience.  If I consider you for any of my openings, I will conduct a deep dive then on your background.
  • Stretch the truth – be honest about your motivations for changing jobs, your compensation, and your accomplishments.
  • Push me for company referrals – there may be an opportunity for me to provide some useful contacts after we get to know one another.  I’m reluctant to provide any referrals until I get to know the individual.