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Resume – how many pages should it be?
I am revising my resume and am wondering how long it should be?  Do you recommend a number of pages for a resume?
The short answer is that you should keep your resume to 1 page, possibly 2 pages.  There are some professions that require longer versions but for most business related opportunities you should think shorter rather than longer in presenting your background.
In all my years of recruiting, I have never had a client make a comment along the lines of “I wish this resume were longer”.  I have, however, had multiple clients reject a resume because it was too long.  Their rationale for the rejection is that senior level professionals need to distill information down to the most relevant points and need to consider audience when presenting their work products.  
Individuals with lengthy resumes generally include too much information on past employers.  The candidate’s logic is that if they include most of their skills and past experiences then a potential employer may see something that sparks an interest.  It’s a bit like throwing spaghetti against the wall and seeing what sticks.  As it relates to recruiting, I just don’t see that approach working.
If there is just too much information to pare down to 2-pages, I have suggested that individuals create a 2-page resume with a 1-page “sample projects” hand-out.  Such an approach allows an interviewer to quickly scan one’s background for relevant skills and experience (resume) while having the ability to deeper dive on the core skill set (sample projects).