Are you “settling for less” in recruiting


The stakes are high for finding top talent.   Are you limited by…

Meager Candidate Pipelines

Are you forced to choose from Few Options?

Wasted Time & Money

What is the cost of not having a role filled?

Unmet Growth

Do you have the right leaders?

Unkept Recruiting Promises

Have you been “sold” on things that haven’t been delivered?

Lack of Creativity

Is your recruiter using outdated approaches?

Low Accountability

Who is as committed as you to get this right?

We understand and we can help. Our search model has driven 100% placement results for 5+ years.

3 Steps To Working with Olympia


1. Ensure Alignment

Let’s arrange an exploratory discussion to ensure our values, approach and expectations are aligned.


2. Agree on Story & Assessment

Let’s invest time to exchange ideas on presenting your brand and the best shared-approach on assessing talent.


3. Fine-tune the Details

Let’s discuss contract terms, in-depth details of the opportunity, the job description, and other relevant factors.

Why Olympia?


Partnering with Olympia is consultative, painless and results-driven.

  • We have 100% placement rate for all retained searches in past 5+ years.

  • We have never given up on any search.

  • We continuously explore new ways of marketing and delivering information to all parties.

  • We don’t “sell” to anyone.

  • We will say No to clients and candidates alike. We will not compromise our integrity.