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Better – Stronger – Faster

Our Value Proposition

Fabcon’s innovative precast panels are used for building corporate headquarters, grocery stores, manufacturing facilities, ice arenas, data centers and other large-scale sites

High Growth

Significant opportunity for further growing the platform. Steady demonstrated market share growth through outperforming competitors on product quality and capacity, customer service, reputation, finishing capabilities, and installation / post project completion service.


Project Management is critical to the company’s success, which is why PM’s receive commissions for quality and timeliness of work. 

End-to-End Solutions

We are the only company in the industry that provides a full end-to-end process with clients: from sales, engineering, manufacturing, logistics all the way through to installation.  This gives us competitive advantage as we are able to drive higher value for our clients and our company.


Patented VersaCore wall panel technology is the lightest, strongest wall panel in the industry. With the addition of Total Precast capabilities through acquisitions, we continue to create products that are better, stronger and installed faster for our clients.

Energy Efficient

Market leader in energy efficient building solutions.  Our clients benefit from roughly 30% savings on energy costs relative to other typical construction methods.  We are doing our part in helping environmental issues.

Our Growth

Market Leader

Fabcon is the market leader in the $3.75B+ core market ($13B for the full serviceable market). We have a significantly higher market share within precast concrete solutions than any competitor.

Clear Path for Expansion

Structure & processes in place to scale into new markets.  With recent acquisitions in New York and Michigan, our expanded capacity allows us to grow our footprint and market share across the US and into Canada.

Healthy Top & Bottom Lines

Double digit year-over-year growth for nearly 10 years.  We are on track for even higher Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) in the coming years.


In the past few years, Fabcon has invested significant capital to modernize existing facilities and expand the geographic footprint via acquistion.  Fabcon will continue to invest in 2023 and beyond, despite the macro-economic climate.

Regional Leader of Project Management (East)


Develop and execute the strategic vision for project management in the eastern region.


Foster a culture of continuous improvement, professional development, and knowledge sharing within the project management team.


Oversee the entire project portfolio for the eastern region, ensuring alignment with strategic priorities and resource allocation.


Develop and maintain strong relationships with clients, understanding their needs and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Please note: while we are unable to provide a salary range for this role, we are able to provide guidance on if your target salary fits within their structure.


Why FABCON? Why Now?

Due to our positioning as the leader in our sector as well as a track record of year-over-year profitable growth, innovation, and client satisfaction, the company is poised for significant gains in market share and financial success.  This is an ideal time to join as we are small enough for one to make a big impact.

Current Company Challenges

We know we can get better.  Our current initiatives include: more fully integrated recently purchased businesses, building a deeper continuous improvement approach in everything that we do, and focus on being the “employer of choice” in all of our locations.  Our opportunity is to not get complacent with our successes.


Our culture is founded on the principles of Innovation, Quality, Safety and Execution.   These aren’t just hollow terms – these values permeate through our facilities and client interactions.


Many manufacturing cultures are dominated by huge egos, knee-jerk decision making, and lack of long-term strategic plans.  We’ve proven that our company does not need those attributes to be successful.  We invite you to directly explore these areas when speaking with us.

What’s In It For Me?

We look for people who want to be heard and who want to make an impact on an environment. There are so many areas where we can improve and we need people committed to addressing them.  This opportunity is about elevating the Sales function; which in turn will have tremendous benefits for our people and the company.

Eric Kobeska

Eric Kobeska

Director of Project Management


US States with Fabcon Projects

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What you can expect from Oympia:

  1. Directness – We will provide candid feedback on your background, skills, and alignment of objectives against the opportunity.
  2. Professionalism – We will keep to any commitments we make to you. Let’s hold each other to the highest standard of professionalism.
  3. Honesty – We will tell you if you are not a fit and we will share whatever information we can regarding your candidacy. 


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